Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Toy Poodles as Multi-Purpose Household Items

So you think toy poodles are useless little frou-frou dogs, eh? I submit that they are actually multi-purpose household items:
  1. Heater: Stuff one in the front of your jacket on a cold day.
  2. Exercise Aid: Hold one to your chest while doing sit-ups
  3. Emotional Discipline: Don't give in when they look longingly at your sandwich.
  4. Personal Trainer: Do give in when they beg for a walk.
  5. Toy: Dress them in cute clothes. Get lots of attention (some of it positive.)
  6. Entertainment: Hold tiny treats over their heads. Watch them walk on their hind legs almost indefinitely: (But then, give them the treats!)
  7. Hot Water Bottle: Pull one under the covers with you for a few minutes on a cold night. Be amazed at how much heat a 6-pound dog can generate.
  8. Couch Potato Buddies: Sit on the couch. Be prepared for how quickly they appear from the far reaches of the house to assume permanent positions on or about your person.

In our house, it is against the Law to get up when dogs are sleeping on you. The other person is bound by Law to get your drinks and snacks for you. Young Geezer hasn't yet figured out I carry beef jerky in my pocket. When he does, I'll be doing a lot more of the fetching and carrying!

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Mina said...

I imagine your toy poodles could also be used as a scarf and hand muffs -- what elegance and sophistication!