Monday, November 12, 2007

No walk for you; you come back one day!

We'll be treated to sustained winds of 40 mpg today with gusts up to 60, if the earnest young TV weather forcasters are right. Hmm. I guess I won't walk the toy poodles. I don't want to wind up flying poodle-shaped kites.

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MJP said...

Hello, B.B., Your comments have reached Australia! There's an annual, free, art exhibition called "Sculpture by the Sea" with the exhibits placed alongside the coastal walk between iconic Bondi Beach and Tamarama, a little to the South. This year I noticed a lovely whimsical piece called "lift,plonk" which shows people almost being blown away by the wind. Your thoughts on walking your toy poodles reminded me of that. Check out piece Number 81 at