Sunday, May 22, 2011

Princesses Forever!

I watched highlights of the Royal Wedding in London and was charmed. Everyone loves a Princess, especially one with a handsome Prince at her side. For one bright shiny day, I was able to feel happy and hopeful, despite headlines of terrible natural disasters and violence seemingly everywhere else in the world.

Who knew Prince William's name was "William Charles Louis (pronounced 'Louie')?" Or that the name tag on his flight suit says "Will Wales"? Who could help but smile when Princess Catherine did a little grin and slightly shrugged her shoulders after that second kiss on the balcony? Charming--and perfectly executed, all of it.

Seeing them drive off in an Astin Martin driven by the Prince himself made me want to applaud. No Charles and Diana, this couple. These two are smart, modern, savvy, and won't be pushed around.

Diana did this dynasty the biggest favor anyone has ever done: she threw beautiful genes into their pool. Then she raised her good-looking sons to be humanitarians with a sense of fun. The British Monarchy will never be the same--and that's a good thing.

Little girls love the idea of being princesses. No matter how old we get, most of us remember giddy moments pretending to be princesses in sparkly play dresses and little plastic tiaras. A good and beautiful royal wedding is just the thing to take us back to the days when we believed anything was possible.

I'm grateful for the magic. It made me forget--for a few brief moments--everything I know about the darker side of royalty and the harsh realities of today's world. Thank you, William and Catherine. Thank you, Diana.

I'm going to look for my little plastic tiara now.


Jack Goltiani said...

I have to admit, even I enjoyed watching it. Woke up about the time the wedding began and watched it via CNN on my iPad with just the sounds of the actual happening, no voice over. Wonderful. But I never did the princess dress up thing. I'd love to see you in your plastic tiara!

Bemused Boomer said...

Sad to say, I didn't find my tiara. I shall have to acquire another as a magic talisman for when I need to believe "anything can happen!"

Anonymous said...

As a dyed-in-the-wool curmudgeon, I swore I would not be caught up in this clap-trap. However, somehow the wedding came into view. Of course, I was just looking for someone I knew who was attending. While I didn't see my friend, I was captured by the very things you point out. This couple is smart, modern, and courageous. I was especially touched by Williams wearing the Irish guard regalia. Hope it mends some fences. My favorite aspect was Prince Harry. Now there's a man who looks like he could liven any party.