Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Got Me off the Couch for THIS?

I tend to gravitate toward dog people. Not that I have anything against cats or cat people; it just seems that we dog people have an understanding, a knowing that we aren't as tough
as we think we are. One of my cat friends sniffed, “Dogs are so needy!” Well, yeah. That's kind of the point, isn't it? Why would you put up with a dog if it didn't adore you, entertain you and follow you around?

I don’t usually have the patience to reason with small children and large dogs. I like my dogs small so I can pick them up for my convenience or their safety. But every once in a while, a big dog steals my heart. Or, as in the case of greyhounds, a whole breed of big dogs.

My Seattle Sis sold her condo and bought a house with a yard so she could get a dog. She was that most pitiable of creatures--a dog person with no dog! After much research and many rescue agency visits, she decided upon a greyhound. She filled out paperwork, jumped through hoops (OK, not literally), had a home visit by the agency, and put up a big, expensive fence. Then she proceeded to fall in love with a breed of dogs that has inspired admiration and love from humans for millennia.

Greyhounds, it turns out, are big ol' couch potatoes. Except for two or three times a week, when they need to run around like crazy dogs. Maybe it's because the rescue greyhounds come from dog tracks, where they are kept in crates every day except when they run. This one pretty much owns the couch and has to be displaced when company comes. Sis talks to this guy, lets him sleep on the bed, and is careful to keep the house cool in summer and
warm in winter for his zero-fat, short-haired body. In short, he has found doggie Valhalla.

Sis believes, as I do, that it’s just plain disrespectful to dress a dog up. That doesn’t stop her from doing goofy holiday photos, usually adding the props with photoshop. Imagine her dog’s surprise (and mine) when she actually made this poor boy wear these things. He had to get up off the couch and he had to wear stoopid stuff on his head to get his treats.

It's not exactly cruelty to animals, but it probably ruined his afternoon (well, for at least
the minute-and-a-half that dogs seem to remember anything.)

I think he looks a little pissed off, don’t you?

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