Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a ...Self-Stick Envelope!

We're late this year. I don't know how it happened. Young Geezer and I just finished signing our Christmas cards and putting them in the envelopes. Yes, I'm one of those people who sends a Christmas letter; no, I don't fill it with great and wonderful things we did all year (it would be very short.) This year I wanted to send a photo and a letter. That might have been a little too ambitious for my non-multi-tasking brain.

Somehow, I didn't get as many photos printed as I thought I had, so I had to go through the list and decide who might possibly live through being deprived of a picture of two little middle-aged people. Since the answer was "almost everybody," it didn't take long. Then I found out I miscalculated when I counted the cards, so we wound up putting stamps on three envelopes we didn't need. Getting to the bottom of the pile of letters, I found one page of a two-page letter. I asked Young Geezer to rip open the last envelope because I thought I only put 1/2 of a letter in it. (I hadn't; it was good to go--until we ripped it all apart, that is!)

"Next year," I declared, " everyone better have a computer, because we're going electronic!" Young Geezer couldn't answer; his tongue was stuck on the flap of an envelope. I will, of course, forget I said this, and will recreate another version of this same misadventure next year. But maybe by then I'll be smart enough not to tell people about it. (Nah. Not a chance!) Maybe next year we'll even get a sponge to moisten the flaps of the envelopes (but why, when it keeps Young Geezer so well entertained?)

Ho, ho,ho, Merry Christmas, etc.!

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[themonkeypod] said...

What's this nonsense about licking envelopes?! An Elmer glue stick works wonders! This post reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George’s fiancĂ© is preparing their wedding invitations and she licks hundreds of envelopes and then she dies the next day! Apparently the adhesive on the envelopes were toxic. It was a pretty funny episode, I swear! You gotta love Seinfeld humor. :)