Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boris and Natasha

Am I the only one who noticed the weirdness in this picture of the world's most laughable Russian "spies?" Maybe everyone else is too busy looking at the sexy redheaded spy. Or wondering if it's really possible an entire country spent so much money on a few young people who couldn't bring them any information that wasn't available on the internet.

I have a daughter who worked in the movie industry and she taught me to look for the tricks in pictures. Product placement, for instance. Did you notice that every condiment is American circa 1950s and every label is turned toward the camera? Did you notice there is no salad with baby lettuces and oddly colored leaves? (When was the last time you visited a couple in this age group who didn't have one of those salads? And where's the imported beer?)

Manic smiles and 1960s style clothes may reassure the Comrades back home that they are fooling Stoopit American People into believing they are All-Americans, but they wouldn't have made it past my daughter for a minute. We probably need more movie people in the CIA.

Better yet, maybe we need cartoon people. Surely these real life Boris and Natashas could have been picked up by a good cartoon editor. (Unless...possibly all this ineptitude is an act and something more sinister was going on? Out of respect for the Russians, that's what I'd almost rather believe.)

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