Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Randy Goat Breaks into Strip Club

A randy male charged down the main aisle of a brand new strip club Saturday night. Not so unusual, you say? It is, when you consider the club hadn't opened for business yet, and the male in question was not human (but you didn't know that, from just the description of the behavior, did you?)

The goat crashed through the glass door of the Coachella club when no one was there, resulting in a call to the police from neighbors and the alarm system. They played the surveillance video, probably did a double take, and laughed their heads off. Then they put away their paperwork and decided not to file a report. ("We don't do animal reports.") A local goat farmer (who takes better care of his goats than this poor creature's owners) says goats are "timid little things." He says the goat must have seen his reflection in the glass and charged. The video shows him walking around, dazed, looking at himself in the wall of mirrors. He must have thought he'd attacked some sort of warlock goat who threw him into an alternate universe. He left before anyone got there and wandered off into the night (much as his human counterparts will be doing when the club opens next week.)

Ah, the vagaries of life in an agricultural community whose urban area is growing faster than zoning laws change. I'm having a little tea party today to cheer up some of my neighbors. (We're in day two of a week of gray, rainy weather. It's hard on desert folk.) We live in a gated community that is zoned and CC&R'd within an inch of its life. I suspect we will not be bothered by party-crashing goats!

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