Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Road Trip to New Life Begins

Stayed up too late Monday night, getting things done before leaving Tuesday morning for my new life in Indio. I kept starting to think, "Why didn't you get this done sooner?" in those disparaging tones that play in the bad tapes in our heads. Then I remembered: "Oh yeah. Just had surgery. Didn't really have enough energy to stay upright for a whole day until last Thursday." OK. Well, then. (Patting self on back) "Good job getting everything done in four days!"

I still had lots of stuff at the Bothell house that I never moved when I went to the Renton condo. Fifteen years of stuff. Next Saturday, Bill is going to ship seven boxes I packed--a big favor, because this way they will arrive shortly after I do, instead of sitting in a warehouse in the desert for a week. I don't remember what all is in those boxes, but I'm fairly certain that being cooked (it's still over 100 there) won't improve their appearance and usability.

Felt sad and heavy as I left. How can I be leaving 20 years of beloved friends behind? Some friends had a going away potluck for me Sunday. Some of us cried. I didn't have time to process it and feel my feelings, because there was still much to be done. Driving to meet Frances for the first leg of the trip, the sorrow set in. Fortunately, the day was sunny and Frances is an upbeat person who finds adventure in everything, so I didn't beome too maudlin. Frances is also a good listener.

First stop, Portland. Frances' brother and his wife live on the Riverwalk where you (and your dog) can dine at an outdoor table under a tree next to the river at McCormick and Schminks, dabbing your lips with cloth napkins. Oliver sat at my feet, next to his own tree. The waitress brought him a stainless steel doggie bowl of water. It just doesn't get any better than this. My mood was definitely improving.

We made it to Lincoln City for the night. We're Motel 6'ing it for reasons of economy and because they accept pets. This Motel 6 was brand new, three stories, free wi-fi. Pretty darned nice for the price. But I "hit the wall" about an hour before we got there and just couldn't make it to the beach with Frances to watch the sunset. She brought us some great photos on her cell phone. I was sorry I missed it, but so grateful for that Motel 6 bed!

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the monkey pod said...

That was such a lovely party. :) I wish my friends were as cool as yours! :) I think I'm going to start hanging out with people over 50!