Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where Did I Leave My...?

Young Geezer gave me a book I really wanted for my birthday. It's titled, "Where Did I Leave My Glasses," and the cover photo shows the top half of a woman's head, with her glasses up on her head like a headband. It's about normal middle-aged memory loss. It seems that we Boomers don't know how much of our weird behavior is just age-appropriate, and when we should start to worry. Forgetting keys? Probably normal. Forgetting my phone number? Kind of worrisome!

I finally had time to read last night. I settled down on the couch, pulled the comforter over my lap, reached for my book--and found an empty spot on the end table. Wha-a-? I know I left it there! "Where did I leave my book?" I wondered out loud. I dragged myself to my feet, grumbling, to search the rest of the living room. Then the rest of the house. I couldn't find it anywhere. (This will come in handy at Easter, when I can hide Easter eggs from myself.)

I found it this morning, in my work bag, ready to be taken to the cafeteria at lunch time. What great planning--and how amazing that I don't remember doing that!

Gosh, I wonder if that's normal. Good thing I found the book. I can look it up and see.

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