Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Curiosity Saved the Tree

I inherited a Neantha Bella Palm tree (a 3-foot palm bush, really), from someone who was moving. "How often do I water it?" I asked. "Once a week," was the answer, "water it until water comes out the bottom."

I've never gotten water to come out the bottom. I water it, watch the dish under it for signs of moisture, and give up because I don't want to drown the poor thing. Since I'm leaving on a trip for a week and a half, however, I thought I should do it right today. I watered and waited, watered and waited--nothing happened. I emptied the quart-sized watering can into it. I tilted the pot a little and ran my finger around the bottom to see if I could feel any moisture. Not only did I not feel moisture, but I couldn't find a hole! Surprised and curious, I tilted the whole big pot over so I could see the bottom.

Bad idea. Did I mention I just poured a quart of water into the pot? A quart of water that was just waiting to run out the top onto the carpet?

As I was standing on a pile of rags soaking up the spill, I remembered the old saying about curiosity killing a cat. Curiosity caused a big mess on the my carpet, but it probably saved the tree. Other old sayings, about silver linings and ill winds, come to mind--but I will spare you. (You're welcome.)

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